just fucking unfollow me get it over w/ just let this fucking farce end

what i f i tried to kill myslef and it turns out im an scp thatd be p fucked up huh

everyone is having so much fucking fun blogging about so many fun things and talking w/ people who dont wany anything to do with anymore over bullshit and im sittin here tryna find out if you can od on xanax (btw you cant w/o a lot of alcohol and i dont wanna die drunk so Here wE Are)


who really gives a fuck about me

if any of you respond to this with “me!” ill fucking yell because its all bullshit

who really gives a fuck about me

i love it. past two days ive gotten a shitload of misgendering anons, dealt with the almost complete dissolval of my community, and now a bunch of my friends dont think im reacting to this correctly. i hate this. i hate tumblr. my friend is right i should delete and never talk to the lot of you again. its only brought me bullshit. i want to be dead. i want weed so bad,

love that quinn supported what i said but people are still not going to be friends w/ me ever agin now

averyterrible liked your post “if this is about varinn’s post then he can fuck right the hell off”

avery im gonna be real you reblogged the post chiding me and im really uncomfortable w/ you acting like you were on my side now

derse is so good. derse forever prospit sucks

yeah i do agree actually

sweet to see people reblogging quinn’s psots about not being glad about this who are the same people who reblogged the posts chiding me for not being glad. great to see the people who cut ties with me over someone abusive my friend acting like they gibe a fuck