gamma and zimmy are moirails

ahahahaha i have to do things early tomorrow and ive stayed up all night reading scary stories hahahahahaha i suck

masturbaedding replied to your post “when a hot mutual unfollows u:”

i still follow you and i’m hot enough to make up for it so

tbh no one had unfollowed me i just kept imagining the gross skeleton ghost being sad about hotties leavin em

you are hot hot hot tho

i dont know why but whenever i make a post making fun of my dick i laugh super hard at it probably harder than anyone should laugh at their own posts

objectively my url and my header and icon are the only good things about my blog

i remember one time someone said “your url is joyceanfartboner” @ me like that was an own. my url is impeccable. my blog is impeccable. my dick, not so much, but i got that url shit goin

noitemsfoxonlyfinaldestination is a pretty good url thats wasted on such a shitty dude

You are JOYCEANF ARTBONER, your legacy as an ancestor being wonderful and STRONG musclebeast art that brings a tear of joy to the eye of any right-thinking troll who views it. At least, you think it's joy.

i do not make musclebeast art dont own me im crying





there is nothing on this site less relatable than the phrase “what’s better than this? guys being dudes”

op it’s a joke

Thank you, noitemsfoxonlyfinaldestination. Your erudite explanation of dead-pan humor was very illuminating. Had it not been for your valuable knowledge, I probably would have bumbled my way through life, unable to understand the simplest of sarcasms. You are are truly an upstanding citizen.

shit fuck I unfollowed you by accident fuck tumblr mobile

this is your final betrayal….ofm e